How to Make the Best of Germany's Pension System

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Are you aware of your pension gap?

The public pension in Germany is higher than in many other countries, but we recommend that you do not rely on it solely. In practice, most do not receive an adequate minimum pension due to rising life expectancy and aging populations. Unfortunately, you too will likely be affected by this!

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Pension Gap Germany
Sample Calculation Rürup pension

State-subsidized pension schemes? Not suitable in most cases!

We have studied the German pension system in-depth and can now show you why state-subsidized pension schemes such as the Riester or Rürup pension are probably not worthwhile for you either despite many brokers selling them as tax benefits.

A great option: ETFs meet life insurance

Few realize that ETF-based private pension insurance can offer tax advantages over outright ETFs. With Pensionfriend we have one of the lowest cost options to make it more than worthwhile. Moreover, we help select ETFs that outperform the MSCI World and other classic benchmarks.

Pensionfriend Pension Plan vs direct ETF investment

"What if I already have a company pension plan, Riester, Rürup, or similar?"

Don't worry we will compare the different options in the webinar and can share articles about the pros and cons of the various pensions. We can discuss whether switching makes sense or if you're better off sitting tight.

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Meet your hosts

Dr. Chris Mulder, CFO and Co-Founder of Pensionfriend
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Dr. Chris Mulder

Dr. Chris is a former senior economist and manager at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. His wealth of experience, insights, and forecasts on pensions, retirement planning, and investment are of particular benefit to our customers.

Zhi De Khoo

Khoo has a Master's degree in Quantitative Finance and is currently writing his PhD thesis. At Pensionfriend, he works as a Quantitative Analyst and Financial Modeller. Together with Chris, he has created the clever models and calculations that we at Pensionfriend use as the basis for our services and advice.

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